justice“Too often small businesses ignore developing legal problems to try to avoid engaging a lawyer – a process they see as serious and expensive, with uncertain costs – and used only as a last resort. That tendency to let matters lie, in many cases, can lead to more disruption and even more serious and costly legal consequences.” The Times, 8 July 2010

Businesses Need Lawyers

There is no doubt that we all live in an increasingly regulated world. The extent to which this affects you depends on your business sector. It pays to understand what can go wrong before getting involved. If you run into trouble you need an expert to get you out of it as quickly and cheaply as possible.

Failure to take advice at an early stage can have devastating consequences.

Have you done any of the following?:

  • Failed to issue a written statement of terms and conditions of employment to your staff?
  • Disciplined or dismissed an employee without following a proper procedure?
  • Set up a business with somebody else without a written agreement between you?
  • Subcontracted work or supplies to another company without a written agreement stating who is responsible for what?
  • Bought goods from suppliers without reading their terms and conditions carefully or without agreeing terms about what happens if the goods are defective or delivered late?

Has a person or organisation with whom you deal:

  • Delivered late?
  • Failed to perform?
  • Failed to pay a bill on time?
  • Claimed money from you?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions you could find that you will need to spend a lot of money  and time to solve a problem.  It is stressful, expensive and it will divert your attention from running and growing your business.  If you had come to one of our members first you could have avoided the problem.  If the problem has already occurred we have members who can help you to resolve it efficiently.